Programs & Services

Our comprehensive cloud of care includes psychiatric, medical, nursing, client rights, administrative, educational, clinical, medication, facilities, and case management offering individual, group, family and art therapy, nursing group, special education, substance abuse counseling (Meena Unit) and recreation.

Acute Hospital

Acute care is for patients evaluated to be a danger to self or others by experiencing suicidal, homicidal ideations, or symptoms related to psychosis.


Acute Outpatient

Acute outpatient is transitional care for patients discharged from SEQUEL-Pomegranate Acute Hospital for medication management and therapeutic follow-up until they can be referred to appropriate community-based care providers.

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Residential Treatment

Mental Health Disorders: SEQUEL-Pomegranate Health Systems treats a variety of DSM-IV/V mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders in adolescents: Mood Disorders, Impulse Control and Addiction Disorders, Personality Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, Co-occurring disorders, or Dual Diagnosis.

Behavioral Health Disorders: SEQUEL-Pomegranate offers a structured program to decrease disruptive behaviors and address maladaptive thought patterns. Behavior disorders include conduct disorders, oppositional defiant disorder. Structured program. Specialized training. Goals: Decrease disruptive behaviors; Address maladaptive thought patterns; Learn to take personal responsibility.

Emergency Shelter Care: Effective transition for those who may have disrupted another placement or are in a dysfunctional home. Provides a transition & offers counseling for those in current crisis. Stabilize youth and prevent further re-traumatization.

Diagnostic: Extensive opportunities for observation, assessment, and intervention are possible in this intensive setting. Comprehensive evaluation, including psychological and psychiatric assessments, as well as, stabilization/brief treatment for adolescents with a variety of emotional and behavioral problem - includes mental health, as well as physical examination and nursing assessments.

Court Referred: Collaborate with Probation & Diversion officers, court & school counselors and Department of Youth Service  caseworkers on each teen's treatment plan.

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Treatment Approach Includes

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT Mindfulness Related Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, and DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Informed Treatment.


Treatment is Provided Daily and Weekly

Individual Therapy.  Group Therapy.  Art Therapy.  Martial Arts, Gym & Recreation.  Trauma Informed Care.  Each resident/patient is assigned a personal case manager (CPST) and a therapist upon admission.

Pomegranate Health Systems of Central Ohio joined Sequel Youth and Family Services, Inc. October 27, 2016. Sequel is a provider of excellence in child and adolescent care with 42 facilities across the United States.