Our facility spans 54,000 square feet and includes 70 beds across five residential wings: Meena, Kaufman, Celso, Kennedy and Sathappan plus a 20-bed acute hospital, a cafeteria, gymnasium, courtyard, classrooms, dayrooms, therapy spaces, family meeting rooms and bedrooms with window and private bath.

Size and Facts

  • Spacious 54,000 square feet.  Meets or exceeds all relevant building standards.
  • Acute Hospital.  Residential Campus Wings: Meena, Celso, Kaufman, Sathappan and Kennedy.
  • Attractive patient rooms designed for residential adolescent psychiatric population.  Bedroom wings designed around 10-bed units.  Rooms each have a window, private bathroom. 
  • Comfortable visiting areas for families.  Visitors must be on an approved visitation list. Family visitation time is not the same as scheduled family therapy sessions. 
  • Visiting Hours Residential Campuses:  Visits may take place from 6pm - 7:30pm Monday through Friday (20 min) and 10:00 - 12:30pm and 5pm - 7:30pm on Saturday and Sunday (1 hour).
  • Visiting Hours Acute Hospital:  Visits may take place from 4pm - 7:00 pm Monday through Friday (up to 1 hour) and 2pm - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday (up to 1 hour).
  • Cafeteria & chef prepared food with registered dietary supervision. Residents work with chef and dietician to plan the menu and make selections.
  • Gymnasium for recreation.  Game rooms on each wing.  Martial arts.
  • Outdoor courtyard for barbeques, picnics, recreation in nice weather.
  • Transportion for appointments & outings in the community.
  • Each campus has comfortable public areas for group therapy, projects and socialization.
  • Academy classrooms are now in our central core for schooling with age appropriate rooms, with separate tutoring spaces and library.
  • Integrative Structured Program. (Each day is scheduled with a theme.) Programming varies by unit and client specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Services include dietetic, medical, nursing, patient education, pharmaceutical, psychological, bio-psycho-social, art therapy, recreation & visitation.
  • Educational services offered via Lumin Academy, plus Columbus City School tutors and library on site.