Residential Admissions

Welcome to SEQUEL Pomegranate!   A referral is often made for residential treatment by a professional when a more intensive level of care is required, as recommended by a pediatrician, general practitioner, ER doctor, school, community or outpatient counselor, or if County Children Service caseworkers determine shelter care or residential is necessary. Typically, residential treatment is between 30 days for diagnostic evaluation or shelter care, up to 3-6 months (or more) for mental and behavioral health disorders.

  • If there are court charges, a Judge/Magistrate might order a teen to inpatient residential treatment for mental and behavioral health disorders instead of incarceration, or alongside it.

  • The Pomegranate admissions manager works with parents, referring caseworkers, and insurance providers. Admission is contingent on bed availability, and approval is by medical and/or clinical director. Once approved for admission, submit completed forms and requests via e-mail to:

Residential Admissions Packet Residential Handbook Lumin Academy Admissions Packet