SEQUEL-Pomegranate takes referrals from physicians, emergency department caseworkers, pediatricians, department of children service, schools, probation office/juvenile court system, and mental health professionals. We treat teens age 12 - 17. If SEQUEL-Pomegranate is unable to accomodate your needs, inquire about one of our other national locations.


Typically residential treatment is between 30 days for diagnostic evaluation or shelter care, up to 3-6 months for mental and behavioral health disorders+

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Acute hospitalization is initiated when an adolescent is a danger to self or others. Acute crisis stabilization ranges from 7-10 days. SEQUEL-Pomegranate now offers a follow-up outpatient care option onsite as well.

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We accept most private insurance or employer’s health plans with coverage for behavioral health residential treatment and/or acute inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, and referrals through County Children Service agencies. We also now accept managed care plans and Medicaid.

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